Snapchat Forms Internal Team To Improve The App’s Lagging Performance

There is a lot of competition in the digital world and every app is searching for ways on how it can better its performance against all others in the industry.

This is why Snapchat is on a mission to develop an internal team that can better gauge where the platform is lacking and how it can return to normal views.

Remember, Snap has really been at the top of its game but that’s when TikTok started stealing the overall market share and screen time. The immense popularity of the short form video app can’t be denied and we feel Snap isn’t going to give up without putting up with a fight.

But where is the lacking and why have user habits changed? These are just some of the many questions on Snapchat’s mind.

The new initiative is called Project Sunshine and it entails a few engineers from the app that are reportedly a part of its growing team. They are trying to diagnose the problem and help get the app back on track. And by that, we mean growing the number of users that are seen engaging on Stories and also posting them too.

The news comes to us thanks to those familiar with the ordeal. They spoke to Insider and said that TikTok has really risen in recent times and something needs to be done before it's too late. The app is working to up its game and combat all the dragging down that has occurred.

People used to post frequently in the past and even engage in stories of those they didn’t know personally. But now, it’s very different. People are returning to the app to see those on their contact lists like friends or loved ones. And as you can imagine, it’s affecting the viewership greatly.

This habit of hopping in and out of the platform after taking a sneak peek of what certain users have posted is not helping Snap. And since increased usage and engagement are the app’s biggest priority at the moment, they’re making leading efforts to get it back.
This new project Sunshine may have witnessed a few ups like perhaps getting more views on Stories belonging to close friends but it’s just not been peaking like before. Meanwhile, one spokesman for the firm says the company is constantly evolving and it’s their Stories product that really has the greatest viewership.

This past summer proved how many people were interested in metrics and also usage. And in this year’s Q2 results, the screentime for stories peaked and achieved more success than the previous year.

Q2 proves how daily active users on the app have risen by a staggering 18% but that’s not as great as the previous year which showed a growth of 23%. So as you can see, it’s a YoY decrease in terms of time spent by users watching the app’s stories. And this was directly linked to a fall in the volume of daily Story posts.

Snapchat’s biggest archrival is definitely TikTok. But there is the growing influence of apps like Instagram and Facebook as well. The app that’s owned by Byte-Dance is exactly where people tend to go to get the most entertaining forms of content.

In case you didn’t know, Snap decided to roll out its first-ever revenue stream that came in the form of Snapchat+. This was a monthly subscription that provided users with the best features that weren’t relying on the growth of users or even on engagement. It was linked to ads directly.

But internally, the situation is bad. We’re talking about a huge reorganization of the firm where priorities are getting reconsidered. And recently, Insider shed light on a really sticky mess that had more than 1200 employees laid off.

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