Reddit Announces Slight Changes To Its Feed For User Ease Including a New Drop-Down Menu

Reddit has launched a few tweaks to its user interface as a part of its reassessment of the app for user convenience.

This includes the complete removal of separate tabs for the news feed, which is usually present at the top of its main screen display. Instead, users would now be benefiting from a clear and crisp outlook. And by that, we mean a new and improved drop-down menu too.

Users will be able to conveniently access their Homepage of the app, alongside the Newsfeeds, and Popular tab as well, the company adds.

Reddit shared screenshots of what users can soon expect to witness on their screens after opening up the application. So after logging in, you get to choose between various types of feed with a separate menu at hand.

Reddit made the changes after releasing a public blog post on the matter where it says the new features are being incorporated for ease of viewing and using of the app. So now, if you wish to switch your feeds, either swipe between these options or simply click on the new menu bar which is made in drop-down style.

Thankfully, the new feature isn’t a major change from what many Reddit users are accustomed to because previously also, we saw the swiping action come into play for feed switch. The only major difference now is that things are so much more organized and tabs that deserve attention are getting them with the new outlook.

The platform adds how the change is a part of a broadscale revamp being conducted to better enhance and simplify the whole user experience. But don’t expect the app to stop right there.

There will be some more changes being made soon in categories like Feed Expansion and the overall performance of Feeds too. Feed Expansion is designed to provide clear-cut feeds that users can better engage with. On the other hand, Feed Performance has to do with the best quality content being generated.

Reddit says it’s going to be ‘smooth like butter’ and that’s how they hope the new developments would be looked upon by its users too. The discussion about feeds based on specific topics was another interesting feature and we feel this could really refine the app in more ways than one.

Remember, it’s the users that it's trying to impress and if they can better align with it, then there could be nothing better.

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