No More ‘Legless’ Avatars For Meta As Company Plans To Add Virtual Legs Soon

The thought of having an avatar without any legs was really bothersome to many people. And that’s why Meta’s CTO is sharing plans for a major change that could come soon.

It all came down to an intimate question-and-answer session where many hoped the issue of legless avatars would be addressed and that’s exactly what happened.

The ‘Ask me Anything’ session on Instagram saw Andrew Bosworth shed light on leg tracking. He admitted that plenty of people had made fun of the company for not thinking through the avatar's design properly and he did agree that it was quite funny.

The thought of having legs on an avatar that won’t match your real ones can really affect many people. So, that’s why the company is focusing on adding legs to others' avatars. Hence, you’ll be seeing legs all around but not on yourself.

He continued by mentioning how the whole idea of adding legs that appear as natural as possible to any bystander is the goal. But when you look down below at your own legs, you just might not see anything. We won’t lie, the concept is rather unique but we’re happy as long as we’ll get to see some legs around us, right?

The company’s current system for avatars was first introduced to developers during the latter part of last year. They did feature legs inside the editor and that just makes one wonder why it wasn’t observed on SDK and therefore couldn’t be seen across apps too.

In case you weren’t already aware, there are plenty of applications and even games that provide virtual legs. But with that said, there aren’t any VR systems in place currently that feature leg tracking options. Hence, you can’t really match the actual movement of your legs.

Although many users may care less and actually prefer legless avatars as the CTO of Meta adds, it can be disturbing to quite a few people. And this certainly does not prevent the system from showing legs to others. But as you can imagine, the challenges are plenty and Meta is right working on it.

For instance, it’s something that needs to be done very tastefully without looking like it’s all over the place. For example, sitting, walking, standing, and adding a whole natural grace to the body when it’s moving around through a thumbstick aren’t easy.

Just take today’s many apps into consideration. It’s almost as if they’re busy sliding around or shifting in all directions instead of actually walking.

The pressure is certainly on for Meta, especially after the company’s CEO was blasted for introducing an awfully simple design for avatars. It was met with much ridicule and plenty of criticism.

We aren’t sure if that update would be getting legs as well or not. The company has failed to delineate if both the projects are two separate identities or just one. But what we do know for sure is that more relevant details will come into play at the company's yearly Connect conference. So keep a lookout and mark your calendars for October 11th.

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