Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg Is The Perfect Example Of A Bad Boss, Claims Harvard Expert

A management expert from Harvard is blowing the cover on what it takes to be labeled a bad boss. And shockingly, Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg appears to fit the picture very accurately.

Attaining his degree from Harvard’s School of Business, Bill George outlined five different examples that blatantly exemplify the worst boss out there today. And it’s sad to see Zuckerberg fitting into three out of five examples provided.

See, the answer to a well-developed and growing company has to do with a motivated workforce that’s willing to perform at its best. And to make sure your workforce doesn’t burn out or feel overwhelmed means having great leadership qualities where every single member feels welcomed and honored to be a part of the team.

At the moment, things are not going well for the CEO as Facebook is in a whirlwind as shown by the last quarter’s performance report. There’s a huge loss of revenue due to Apple’s ATT policy for ads, not to mention a lot of uncertainty related to the metaverse.

Oh, we forget those hilarious selfies that certainly had the world talking and then a few key members departing from the firm as well like Sheryl Sandberg.

If that was not bad enough, more experts feel one of the main reasons people are walking away from the firm is the CEO himself, as revealed by the Harvard expert.

And then there was talk about how George is very hard to impress. He is not a fan of those boards whose main goal is to hire people that lack substance but have great style. Similarly, he does not feel people with good charisma in executives without talent can go far.

And that’s when he boldly declared that Zuckerberg has a major problem. He rationalizes errors instead of claiming responsibility. And a boss who fails to learn from his errors is truly not a good boss in his books.

He gave the example from April when stocks came crashing down and he blamed that awful announcement of Apple’s ATT preventing targeted app tracking for Facebook ads as the cause.

But at the same time, he forgot to shed light on how so much money was spent and lost on the metaverse operations. And to make it worse, he was seen talking about archrival TikTok’s popularity. It was almost as if we all weren’t aware that competition exists and it’s great to make sure apps are performing at their apps. But not in Zuckerberg’s eyes.

The next poor boss trait that Zuckerberg possesses is his resistance to counsel. He loves doing things on his own and doesn’t like being told what to do. All of his decisions are solely his own and outside help is never appreciated. Be it feedback of some sort or any type of constructive criticism from those the company trusts, it’s just not welcomed.

And when you don’t have the qualities to make your firm a more resilient entity through advice from experts, then George says it gets really tough to succeed.

He gave the example of when the co-founder of Elevation Partners tried to convince the CEO of Meta to fight against data harvesting and exploitation taking place on the platform. But that warning wasn’t welcomed and it caused a major uproar of people opposing Meta’s behavior.

Last but not least, one major habit that defines the CEO as a bad boss is his glory seeker attribute. He’s a man that puts growth and profits at the head of the game, even if it’s at the expense of so many of his own customers.

The perfect example of this was recently provided by a Harvard expert. He explained how the WSJ’s investigation revealed how Meta’s Instagram was causing mental health concerns among so many young female teens. But the firm brushed off the allegations. It seemed as if revenue was much more important and hence for the sake of user engagement, they weren’t going to fall into the investigation’s findings.

George concluded in the end how he fears that with Zuckerberg taking the lead of the tech firm, Facebook has little chance of success.

Photo Creator: ERIN SCOTT via REUTERS

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