New Secret Tool Allows The Police To Trace Billions Of Data Points From American User Devices

A secret tool has recently been uncovered by researchers. It is known to provide a number of law enforcement agencies with the ability to trace data points from different American user devices.

The news comes to us thanks to a digital right organization that highlighted how Americans are being tracked down so conveniently without any knowledge. Think along the lines of a simple click of a button or a drag of the mouse.

The cops are allowed to see each and every person that may have attended a particular protest and even go as far as following them home and locate where they’re sleeping too.

Fog Data Science LLC was highlighted as the group that’s giving the cops access to such behavior, pinpointing the exact location in question. This includes collecting location data via smartphone devices across different applications.

Fog has openly claimed that it purchases such data points in billions as mentioned in its documents. On average, we’re talking about 250 million smartphones located around the US, and the original source is linked to tens of thousands of similarly linked mobile apps.

It’s amazing how cops are agreeing to the deals by paying a small number of fees to subscribe to the offer. Remember, Fog gives access to a huge database where people can be searched and tracked down with ease.

The company’s documents unveiled that this particular Fog platform has all the particular analytics required to gain insights on a real-time basis. This includes how people are functioning on a day-to-day basis.

Every month, an average of 250 million devices are surveilled and that entails data points estimated to nearly 15 billion locations.

Whenever they choose to do so, Fog maps can be opened and a number of things are being done by the cops. For instance, they’re allowed to sketch out boxes and witness identifiers that represent every single device in a particular area and at any given time slot.

Any device’s ID will be utilized to track the exact location down over a period of a few months or some years.

But some law enforcement agencies are now requiring the cops to get warrants if they wish to tap into Fog and gain benefits. Contrary to what people are saying, reports have shown how Fog has even distributed templates of a particular warrant to the cops.

And when such warrants are made use of, the country’s Fourth Amendment forbids such actions of gaining data locations of everyone who is located in a particular location, explained the EFF recently.

More talk on the subject by the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) says that the Fourth Amendment also provides users with protection against any searches that it feels are unreasonable and come about without warrants.

Hence, purchasing this type of data can be seen as illegal and a violation of the nation’s First Amendment. After all, the police are using this to outline individuals that attend protests and hence could end up forcing them not to attend.

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