A New And Improved Version Of USB 4 Is On The Horizon And It Works At Double The Speed Of Older Cables

If you’re a fan of fast-paced technology then you’ll be glad to hear about a new and improved version for USB 4 that’s pending release.

The new standard version 2.0 for USB4 has many tech enthusiasts excited because it works at double the speed of the older variants. Therefore, it’s safe to call it a super-fast connector.

But one of the biggest advantages is related to how users will no longer need to purchase any new cables to avail of the benefits. Thanks to a recent announcement made by Promoter Group, this version will entail double the amount of bandwidth for the current USB4 connector system. And we’re talking a jump from 40 Gbps to 80Gbps.

We’re also hearing news about the brand new standard being available in a backward compatible version than other designs of the past. Therefore, current cables operating at 40 Gbps are even going to benefit from this new product, whenever it’s available.

By the latest press statements, the company says a lot of its main characteristics have undergone a revamping. Other than the 80 Gbps system of operation, we’ve got a brand new interface that utilizes variant C cables of 40 Gbps while there are also type-C active cables working at 80 Gbps.

For now, we’re not quite sure how something like that can even be possible. But one thing is for sure. The spokesperson has added how it’s a requirement whenever new variants come into existence. There wasn’t a lot of information highlighted by the firm on this subject for now but we feel it’s definitely coming soon. After all, we’re still waiting for the final specifications to come about.

So when will the product be available to the masses? Again, there’s a lot of uncertainty because right now, the target audience of this swiftly paced connector is limited to developers only.

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