Meta Publishes New Overview On Its Video Ranking Algorithms

In case you were not already aware, Meta is working hard at promoting its video content on the app.

The company says Reels are doing great at bringing in more revenue and therefore it makes sense why there is so much emphasis on the feature.

To be more specific, Reels have been applauded as the company’s fasting growing surface for engagement. And it's already taking up nearly 20% of people’s watch time across the platform.

Hence, there’s a new push for Reels and ways to better boost its presence and performance on Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, if you’re a creator who’s keen on making the best Reels out there, this post is surely for you.

This week, the tech giant was seen going public with an overview that shed light on its ranking algorithms linked to videos. These came with helpful and very detailed explanations of all the kinds of elements involved.

At the same time, there was a major emphasis on what Meta takes into consideration when deciding the final reach of a particular video post. As a whole, four key subunits had been identified.

The first one was related to originality. This is in line with the company’s push to increase the number of creators on the app while providing more exposure to different apps too.

Meta mentioned how a lot of original videos are designed to reflect the opinions and values of the creators themselves. They are awfully unique, putting forward content that’s never been created before. Then there was the company reiterating how they always prioritize original content over everything else so that credit goes where it’s due the most.

Now that sounds great but how exactly does the company ensure content coming through is really authentic? Well, it needs to be made by you and then published on your page. In the same way, some more unique additions can be included in other types of material. But reposting is not in demand and isn’t allowed.

Therefore, those who wish to reshare posts should be well aware of the fact that the reach will definitely be going down on this one, as compared to the original content.

The second factor has to do with ‘Capturing and Retaining Attention’. Anything that has captured the viewers’ attention and inspired others to watch the end of the content is definitely going to be promoted more on the app.

Meta says that it gauges this through analytics and graphs. Anything that witnesses a slow decline over time means it’s doing well with the audience. But if there’s a sharp drop, well, it was never meant to be of interest to anyone.

To put it simply, there has to be something in there that causes the audience to stay tuned and maximize its engagement. Alongside this, Meta is emphasizing on content length not being such a huge factor of importance.

For them, content needs to be as long as it has to be, ensuring it's relatable to the intended audience and continues to engage them. Good production quality and burned-in captions also tend to go a long way, the firm adds.

Next in line, Meta feels the concept of repeat viewership is so important. This includes the likes of loyalty as well as the intent of the content. After all, viewers coming back for more means they’re loving what they’re seeing.

Last but not least, Meta feels Engagement carries a significant amount of weightage. Be it Likes, Comments, or Shares- the firm prioritizes this so much. It’s this that ignites users to communicate and engage on the app.

Anytime that ends up promoting discussions to the next level is the sort of engagement that the app is in search of.

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