Meta Confirms Shutdown Of Facebook's Nextdoor-Clone 'Neighborhoods'

Meta is shutting down its famous Neighborhoods feature, which is better known as Facebook's Nextdoor clone. The project was first announced last year to standardize the manner through which neighbors connect. It also hoped this would allow for the sharing of local news and information sources through Facebook.

Usually, neighbors on the app were using groups on Facebook to put updates alongside the local community. At that time, Neighborhoods had some special offerings such as sub-profiles and appointed moderators. These would review comments and some posts, alongside a few other things.

Meta feels it had invested in all of this because it witnessed how famous local content was becoming across its platform. But soon, the app realized that the best way to move ahead in this regard had to do with allowing users to utilize Facebook Groups as usual.

A quiet test was recently held in Calgary in Canada in the year 2020. This was before it had been rolled out in the country and across the US in 2021.

Neighborhoods were giving users the chance to make special profiles that would be populated using customized bios and respective interests.

Soon, the product’s arrival came out on a timely basis, just a few moments ahead of its public debut. The longtime neighborhood united with SPAC in the month of November last year. This way, Neighborhoods were seen dampening the appetite belonging to investors of the newly public firm.

Nextdoor definitely took it on as a huge challenge as Facebook gained entry into the market. During the early parts of this year, Nextdoor doubled down the social elements by creating an update on the new and improved service it was offering. There were some new profiles of users, a new feed that was focused on conversations, and a completely new perspective with other building features as well.

Thanks to social media expert Matt Navarra, we first heard about the closure. He put up a screenshot in this regard after receiving a screenshot sent out by a member belonging to a Facebook group.

Post shared how Neighborhoods expanded into hundreds of various communities across the country and parts of Canada. But from October 1 onwards, it wouldn’t be available.

The decision for Facebook to steer away from local content is coming at a time when it feels it needs to put greater focus on turning into an engine for content for recommendations. Remember, the competition is plenty and there are rivals like TikTok that are leading the game.

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