Meta Is Merging Its Business Integrity Unit With Its Central Integrity Team, Confirms New Memo

It’s no surprise that Meta has been keen on cutting costs for a while now. Therefore, a new internal memo along these lines has now been made public.

The memo speaks about the tech giant combining its business integrity unit with its central integrity unit. And the reason is to save up on costs. The former is related to a group that manages ad content while the latter is linked to those involved in user post moderation.

The news was first published by a media outlet called Axios which received the internal memo. But why is this such a big deal? Well, the answer is pretty simple. The merger of both these leading departments will indirectly mean there’s more room for Meta to save up on some major spending, as confirmed by two close sources speaking to Axios.

The memo also shed light on how it was now going to include Meta’s team members providing customer support. This way, users and firms would both be at the receiving end of equal treatment.

As far as details for the new integrity team is concerned, well, it’s going to be housed as one unit, under the firm’s leading officer for information security. And as of yet, there are no details about any position being eliminated from each side, so that’s a sigh of relief.

But anyone that does choose to leave the firm, that position will remain vacant and not be full again, the source speaking to Axios confirmed.

As a whole, there are nearly 3000 people taking part in the new team which has now also been confirmed by the firm’s spokesperson.

He added how Meta plans to unify the new units so as to share the learnings that each side has with one another. This sharing of knowledge and resources and skills is something that Meta has been planning for a while now. And to see it come to life is great.

But nowhere did the tech giant reveal that the purpose of doing so was to cut costs. For them, it’s a decision to protect and provide support to various companies across its huge platform. Meanwhile, let’s not forget how the team that controls user posts was always on the radar. And now seeing it merge with the business integrity unity means unifying for the better.

After seeing all of these changes come to life, Meta’s employees couldn’t help themselves by asking more questions related to the merger. This includes how such sudden changes would affect them and their units. They also wondered if there were any layoffs planned.

Meta has mentioned time and time again how it would be limiting its hiring decisions and reducing costs because the company was experiencing a decline in revenue. As of now, there are no reports about layoffs, and employees working full-time hope it stays that way.

Between both of these lines, we feel there was never really any form of overlap predicted. They were made independent units, years ago. And neither did we witness any form of integration between the two.

Remember, today’s digital landscape shows how so many people are keen on being creators in today’s day and age. They’re also willing to run small-scale firms through Meta’s apps and that means there is not a huge divide between both of these groups.

Meta mentioned in the previous month how it was busy working on bettering its unit for customer support. This is after it received instructions to do so from its Oversight Board.

All in all, we’re looking at this as a smart decision because uniting two separate teams, in turn, means that the company is eventually going to end up using similar tools, systems, and even practices for content moderation across the platform. Be it ads or all sorts of organic-themed posts, Meta can do it all more simply now.

But this news also means the tech giant is going to be looked upon with the same type of standards in terms of content moderation through its various forms of content. And in turn, it will be easier for them to streamline operations.

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