Meta In Trouble Again As Facebook Users Sue Firm For Monitoring Their Data

Last year, we saw Apple announce a mega change that would make it so much more difficult for Meta’s apps to monitor user data. But now, a huge lawsuit has come to Meta’s attention, accusing the firm of invading privacy through a new loophole.

The new case was recently filed at the District Court in California and it alleges the firm really bypassed Apple’s new privacy regulations by keeping a check on users through the Facebook app. The damage was done through in-app browsing.

This new proposed lawsuit was first made public by Bloomberg yesterday and it alleges that anyone and everyone to sign on and have their privacy exposed to the company.

In the case, Facebook users alleged that Meta isn’t violating only Cupertino’s policy but also going against the state’s laws. A common one includes Wiretap Act and it’s literally illegal to break through electric communications in this manner. Meanwhile, a similar series of complaints were filed in a manner like this, just last week.

The plaintiffs continued to argue that followers were being tracked via an in-built app browser. This injected JavaScript right inside the web pages visited. In this manner, it makes it much easier for the firm to go through every interaction via external means. From passwords to places clicked on, not to mention the text they send out.

Hence, whether users plan on providing consent or not, Meta really tracks users on the Facebook app by adding the codes of JavaScript here. Therefore, whenever a link is clicked on the app, the company directs people to use this browser and be tracked, instead of their device’s default browser. And obviously, it’s done in a very disguised manner.

Last year in April, we saw the leading iPhone company introduce a new ATT policy that prevented users from being tracked down for the sake of advertising only. They had to provide consent and if not, they wouldn’t be allowed. And as you can imagine, this really served as a major blow to the firm.

The news has really shaken up Meta whose representative was seen talking to media outlet Tech Crunch recently. As you can imagine, the firm really defended itself and said every single practice of theirs is transparent and in line with users’ privacy choices. And that includes how information is utilized for the sake of ads.

In the latest series of iOS privacy claims, the leading iPhone maker questions if a user would like to have their data tracked. And if they say no, then they assume that whatever links are being opened on the app, including those of Facebook, are secure and free from getting tracked down. But the firm is arguing that this isn’t the case.

Just last month, we saw another security researcher reveal some mega concerns regarding Meta’s in-app browsing practices. The lawsuit was really drawing some major claims from his findings and urged Facebook’s parent firm to direct users to browsers like Safari or other external browsing means to prevent this security loophole.

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