Can Donald Trump Get Back On Facebook And Instagram? The Power Lies In Nick Clegg's Hands

Meta has been very clear about its stance on keeping former US President Donald Trump away from its apps Facebook and Instagram. However, a lot of speculations continue to arise on whether or not Trump would ever be allowed back on the apps or not.

Well, if you happen to be just as curious as us, we’d like to inform you that the decision now lies in the hands of Nick Clegg. The news comes after he was elected by Meta during the month of February of this year to handle the firm’s global affairs. Moreover, many also viewed him as a big name and a prominent personality or shall we say, the company’s public face.

Now, he’s been given a major task and that is to finally make a ruling on the firm’s very publicized and critical decision of allowing Donald Trump back on its apps or not. Clegg did mention via a few recent statements during an event in the capital how the decision was still pending.

However, he never hinted at the possible decision that he was leaning toward but the verdict would be out by January, he added. Clegg revealed how he plans to take on board CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other board of directors of the company to come to this conclusion.

He boldly admitted how the decision is one that he will make and oversee that will ultimately determine if the further suspension is required or if he’ll be back on track and allowed to use the apps to post his views.

Now, whether Trump wants to avail the decision or not related to his return is a whole other story altogether. Remember, the MAGA leader has his own platform on social media too that he’s been using to voice his opinions.

As reported, Clegg wants to discuss the matter further with experts, third parties, and those concerned about what the real outcomes could be to get Trump back on board and remove his ban.

Clegg is very cautious about all of his moves and this seems to be no exception. He feels that such a matter needs to be evaluated carefully because it involves the American public.

After the threatening tone used in Trump’s speech and comments after the January 6 Capital Riot incident on social media, leading digital apps like Facebook and Instagram suspended the leader’s account until further notice.

It’s important to remember how Clegg is not a stranger when it comes to the world of politics. He is a former member of the European Parliament and served until the year 2004. He even served in the UK Parliament until 2017. In addition to that, he was a leader of the nation’s Liberal Democrats until 2015. And then most importantly, he was the United Kingdom’s deputy prime minister until 2015.

So as you can see, the experience and know-how to handle such situations are definitely there.

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