Meta Plans To Give Exclusive Features To Instagram, Facebook, And WhatsApp Users At An Additional Cost

Meta has come up with a new strategy to make more money. If you happen to be interested in availing exclusive features from its popular apps at an added price tag, then look no further.

The company is working on its new monetization division whose main focus is paid features for WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook users. This news was highlighted according to a new memo that was received by The Verge.

In case you didn’t know, both Facebook and Instagram do have their own fair share of paid features already. But this only caters to creators on the app. Common examples include Stars, subscription products, and different types of paid events.

But now, it appears that this new initiative is going to keep things separate from those offerings. Of particular interest, we’d just like to note how Meta had mentioned that it wouldn’t be taking a share from its creator earnings until the year 2023.

As of now, the news is fresh out of the oven. Therefore, we’re not quite sure what form of paid features is going to come out of this new venture. However, one thing is for sure. The company’s VP for monetization John Hegeman informed The Verge that the company is closely viewing its fellow archrivals.

And that includes the likes of Snapchat, Telegram, and of course Twitter. All three have been making headlines with their paid subscriptions that were launched for users on a monthly basis. This goes on to unlock a number of features, alongside different perks on the app that are solely reserved for those who pay.

It’s quite evident that paid features would assist Meta in gaining revenue through non-advertising means. And that could be great news for the firm which has suffered major losses thanks to Apple’s iOS changes in privacy.

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