Meta Allows Users To Display Their NFTs To Each Of Their Apps

In May, we saw Meta going public with the launch of its NFT display to several users in the US. Now, the company is back with an even bigger announcement and it’s related to a complete launch of Digital collectibles across all of its apps.

For now, it’s solely restricted to the US, and with specialized formats up for grabs on every piece, it sounds awfully exciting to many for obvious reasons.

The company went public with the announcement today where it says that all those located on apps like Instagram and Facebook would be able to link wallets and share the NFTs. This allows people to cross-post the NFTs in their ownership. In addition, Meta says those in the 100 nations where NFTs are found on Instagram may finally use the feature. How cool is that?

Hence, if you’re a fan of Steve Aoki, you can share this post and celebrate around $150,000 worth of crypto punk, just to add a little flex. You can check by yourself by simply clicking on a particular example that shows the digital collectible overlay that signifies how it’s an NFT. Meanwhile, a tick inside a hexagon is also used to outline NFT users.

Once a piece is posted, a new tab comes into play and it provides easier ways to view different artworks arising in the NFT theme.

We saw Meta release the first stage of this expansion for NFTs in June. This provides the best presentation on the main app. Hence, those that support the feature will be seen providing raving reviews on the matter. After all, who wouldn’t love a feature that monetizes your work and looks good on profiles too?

Some may disagree but a lot of experts do call NFTs the future of tomorrow when it comes to digital trading. It’s going to set the stage for a new digital identity while representing yourself. But some strongly feel it’s just a fad that’s quite short-lived.

The cross-platform feature is definitely worth a mention and it’s beyond just digital art. You can even take it with you to various Metaverse apps as well.

Next time you see an NFT, remember it’s beyond a simple pixelated punk but they are still starting off as a revolution.

Did we mention how a lot of NFTs are affiliated with scams as well? You really need to be careful in this world as not all trends are worth taking a risk. The other option is to purchase art without the hassle of your crypto wallet.

For now, we’re enjoying this new feature courtesy of Meta and hope it goes as planned. Remember, Meta is awfully behind in this respect as others are turning into more relevant features with time. No matter what your view on the matter is, one thing is for sure. Fans of NFT are now taking advantage of the fact that they have more several options that they can choose from while making purchases and connecting with those with similar mindsets.

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