Google Is Updating Messages For iOS And Android Users, While Attempting To Convince Apple To Adopt RCS

Google is making attempts at convincing Apple to adopt RCS, and is updating Messages for iOS users in the meantime.

It should be said that Apple has not reciprocated any of the tech giant’s requests, and Google’s gotten just a bit more creative in response. For example, Android ended up publishing a snide video with the hashtag #TextsGoGreen, incentivizing users to more or less bully the company into accepting RCS. Honestly, this entire business gives off a slight schoolkid playground rumble vibe, which is hilarious to me, so I’m invested. RCS, for those unaware, stands for Rich Communication Services and is Google’s attempt at fully replacing the old text messaging systems of SMS and MMS. Modules under RCS have also been labeled SMS+ and the like to indicate that they’re the next best thing.

However, Apple seems to want absolutely no part of it; I think some of it may come from not giving a competitor any edge, and the rest stems from Apple not caring about SMS or RCS since its user base typically relies upon data to communicate with each other anyways. What’s SMS+ to a bunch of users who typically communicate with each other via FaceTime or WhatsApp? Giving into RCS means that Apple has essentially given a portion of its texting system over to Google, and no matter how insignificant that portion may be, there’s absolutely no incentive for anyone to go through with the deal. Short of Google, of course, seeing as just how hard the company’s trying.

In the meantime, Google is updating Google Messages for iOS and Android users, allowing the latter to send text reactions to the former. However, even then the reaction won’t show up as it typically does, with an emoji stickered to the original message. Instead, a separate message will be sent to the user, which follows the format of “(emoji) to (message)”. Frankly, this seems like less of an update and more of yet another dig at Apple’s refusal to adopt RCS. Doesn’t seem like poking fun at the company’s an all-too effective strategy, but hey, Google probably knows best.

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