Meta Allows Advertisers To Convert Their Ad Payments Into Monthly Installments In India

Meta is really switching things up after the tech giant was recently seen announcing a new feature for advertisers in India.

The company says it will allow advertisers to make their ad payments via free-of-cost monthly installments to enable convenience. These installments will be over a three-month period. This is said to help the social media company better expand its advertising operations across the South East Asian subcontinent.

The decision was announced at the company's yearly business summit. A lot of emphases was put on the new feature that gives advertisers linked to Meta the chance to convert ad payments arising between $40 to $6300 into very equal installments that are paid on a monthly basis.

Advertisers are required to make payments for different campaigns via credit cards from different banks so they can avail the free of cost EMI mode of payments, the company mentioned.

Common banks delineated included the likes of Citibank, Axis Bank, India’s State Bank, and the ICICI Bank. All banks taking part will require users to pay interest on every amount that is transacted.

However, the tech giant revealed how it would be the one bearing expenses related to interest to the bank. Simultaneously, it would be offering a straight-up discount to advertisers related to ad spending.

See, the whole idea is to motivate small firms in the country to come forward and take part. This is especially for those who are feeling the effects of the current economic downturn and hence, are finding it hard to make payments directly during testing times. Therefore, that’s one reason why they’re not taking part in purchasing ads across both Facebook and Instagram apps.

Meta has also declared a new chat support system that will be up for grabs round the clock so any active advertisers in the country may avail themselves when they desire. This is called the Business Help Center.

A spokesperson for Meta in India was seen announcing how the move will make sure advertisers of Meta in India gain access to both financial and ad support services, through the click of a button. This is to help them attain growth and better opportunities.

Meta also highlighted how it realizes that every company’s journey and workings are different. But now, it hopes this new decision can assist in providing focused solutions, keeping users’ needs in mind.

Just last year, the tech giant launched a new program that was designed to provide small and large-scale firms get the best loans. And now, that is also seeing further expansion in the country.

In case you’re wondering why Meta has such a keen interest in India, well, the answer is simple. The tech giant identifies the firm as one of the biggest user markets around the globe. But the same can’t be said about income. Therefore, it’s working hard by India’s side so that even small firms get motivated to expand and better their reach.

Meta says there’s a huge gap in revenue when you look at the North American/European region compared to that seen in the Asia Pacific region. Therefore, it wishes to close or lessen the gap by providing more opportunities.

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