Mark Zuckerberg Confirms His Company’s Annual ‘Meta Connect’ VR Conference Will Be Held On Oct 11

Meta will be going live via its annual virtual conference called Meta Connect on October 11, as recently confirmed by the firm’s CEO.

Mark Zuckerberg took to his account on Facebook to confirm the news via a post. For those who may not be aware, this is renowned as the firm’s annual event where a range of topics pertaining to the firm is discussed.

And as you can expect, this year’s focus will definitely be the Metaverse. Zuckerberg was seen sending the invite to the world while signing off by simply mentioning how he hoped to see them there.

The website for this mega virtual conference was seen sending out a teaser that showcases how the metaverse is being designed. Therefore, those that tune in will be discovering something new hopefully.

This includes why it’s being built, how, and by whom. And that’s probably very interesting because many in the digital world are intrigued to know more developments than what’s already been made public.

Meta has continually mentioned over time how collaboration is the key to the success of its metaverse and that’s why it was solely relying on its partnerships to get things moving at a fast pace.

At the same time, the tech giant claims to offer an in-depth look at how much progress was being so far and what they can be expecting as far as the near future was concerned.

Last year, Meta’s CEO was seen shedding light upon his firm’s new name. And as you can see, we’ve certainly come a long way from just that. Meta was a nod to the upcoming metaverse, which he recalled as the next chapter of focus for the company and the internet as a whole.

Zuckerberg was also seen giving a slight teaser of the organization’s Project Cambria. This is said to be the firm’s upcoming VR headset. And yes, it’s definitely pricier and more complex in terms of its design model.

This month, the Meta CEO spoke about how the new headset would be up for grabs this month and how a lot more details would be given out at Connect. Anticipation is certainly running high but the fact that they’re planning on potentially making it more expensive, citing inflation can be a major turn-off for some.

If you’re interested in the virtual event, be sure to tune in on October 11 via Livestream on Facebook’s Reality Labs page.

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