LinkedIn Confirms It's Hosting Another ‘Talent Connect’ Conference In October

With the pandemic well out of the way, LinkedIn says it’s coming back stronger with another one of its Talent Connect conferences this year.

The leading professional networking platform had taken a hiatus lasting nearly two years since we last saw it host the event. But they’re keen on having the conference again in October 2022.

The whole purpose of the mega high-profile event is to highlight expert insights regarding the current trends of recruitment. In addition, there is an emphasis on trends linked to the app, followed by other updates, and much more.

The company announced the news with a public statement that says they’re back after a break. The first event was conducted in 2019 with great success and they hope to see the same this year as well.

The company likes to consider it to be a premier event that’s solely designed for leaders around the globe as well as practitioners. They hope that the inclusion of all sorts of talent in one place can better provide a view of what the future appears like.

For this year’s theme, LinkedIn claims to offer audiences from all over a glimpse of the entire conference for free via virtual means. Whether you are at work, at home, or on the go- don’t miss out on this chance.

There will also be a special in-person summit as well where leaders of top firms in the industry will get a chance to participate. Both audiences will get the chance to witness keynote addresses from some of the best speakers in the industry. And a part of the panel will be the app’s CEO Ryan Roslansky and other leading economists.

The event will most likely span over two days and with more than 50 speakers lined up, this definitely seems to be the event of the year to attend if you’re in the HR sector. But even if you’re not, we feel it’s a great chance to benefit by tuning into the wide array of insights available from the app’s team.

You’ll be given the chance to witness the best search tools on display, updates on listings for leading jobs, and a few other elements as well.

There are a total of six main areas where the focus is being dealt with. For starters, you’ve got leadership with skills and connecting people to different types of opportunities. Next in line, there are ways to empower people and allow for growth in their careers.

Other aspects to be covered include embracing the world of diversity, providing equity, and allowing for inclusion too. There will be also plenty of discussions linked to cultivating a culture that revolves around people of all kinds. And last but not least, talks linked to exploring what is possible using today’s modern and innovative technology would also be included.

Everyone participating virtually is guaranteed to get the complete experience as much of the content is going to be live streamed. Hence, we definitely recommend users give it a look to help better their future.

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