LinkedIn Publishes Exciting And Innovative Updates For Its Company Pages

LinkedIn has recently spoken about a series of updates related to so many of its features on the Company Pages.

Quite a few of them have already undergone the preview stage in some sort of capacity. Now, it’s getting rolled out on a broader aspect.

For starters, LinkedIn is producing a series of post templates that are up for grabs through such pages. These will add enhancements to different updates on the app and in the end, it just makes the posts stand out more in users’ feeds.

Just last month, we saw the app take out post templates for so many different users, and now, it’s being available through the updates on Company Pages.

LinkedIn added how such actions are not only engaging but allow for templates that can be personalized through the app without the constant addition of tools via third parties.

Many people are questioning how the approach really does fit into the app’s overall professional theme but hey, it’s already turning a lot like Facebook so there’s no big deal there. It appears the platform is focusing more on personal updates and less on a professional touch. But to survive, its algorithms must be doing something right.

Just recently, the firm’s parent company which happens to be Microsoft says there is a record level of engagement occurring each quarter so it’s a great thing and a very valuable addition.

For access, simply enter the app and click on the ‘use template’ feature seen in the menu bar. Additionally, the app is working hard toward adding some interesting stickers for its Company Pages. This may add a more direct response. And the app is also giving users the chance to include a template option as well.

Brand posts are being highlighted and users can engage with them more by pinning comments right below them. The approximate time for such launches began last month. And some people may be witnessing the option for pinning comments on the app.

The goal is to generate more engagement and bring top fans into focus. Similarly, you may utilize this to better interactions by adding comments that carry the greatest engagement toward the top of replies.

The firm’s company pages are also being used to pin updates to get on board with a similar purpose.

We’re also seeing the platform include an intriguing ‘featured commitment’ addition for such pages. Here is where businesses can display their integral values.

In the market of today, job seekers are looking at potential employers depending on what values they possess. They wish to see which firms are really standing out among all others. Hence, to add some more insight on the matter, the platform wants employers to put such commitments at the top of their firm’s page. In this manner, it’s going to better define what their true values are.

Businesses can showcase a total of 5 commitments in a section that’s reserved for it. And they can host content that displays the same. These can be found on sub-panels that are seen in the About section.

These updates appear to be super handy and the link stickers with pinned additions for comments really are becoming the center of attention on the app.

For now, people are a little hesitant about the post templates but maybe there’s a way to better utilize them for a great presentation and better engagement. All in all, a great effort by the app as usual. But we do hope LinkedIn doesn't lose the professional touch that it's famous for.

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