A Survey Reveals That US Citizens Find Newer Entrepreneurs To Be More Influential Than Older Ones

A study by OnePoll reveals that most Americans believe recent entrepreneurs to be more influential than their historical predecessors.

I’m going to make a bold claim right off the bat and state that I think this makes complete sense to me. Names such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Oprah Winfrey are much more a part of our current-day lexicon than J.P. Morgan, Alexander Graham Bell, or even Kate Hepburn are. The former three individuals are also iconic giants in their own right, thus making the research’s conclusion come off as a rather valid take. All I’m saying is that clickbait articles tend to make a big deal about how certain people are stupid, citing such data in a derisive attempt to feel superior for knowing who sponsored the telephone’s invention. The individuals behind Microsoft and Apple are nearly as prolific in their field of work, and Oprah’s a literal legend so everyone can chill and just take this one at face value.

At any rate, the research conducted by OnePoll and HerbaLifeNutrition had users rank a selected list of the most influential individuals across the centuries. 2000 US citizens were polled, to gauge their opinions regarding some of the world’s largest entrepreneurs. However, at the start of every poll, the individual answering had to enter their pick for the most influential entrepreneur, to add to the list and gain further data. The results were as such: the top 10 ended up containing a mix of relatively older and newer individuals, with Sam Walton of Walmart, Google co-founder Larry Page, and CNN founder Ted Turner making the list. Notably absent are any individuals who haven’t been a driving force in the business world over the past four or five decades. More interesting is the fact that 48% of the respondents found modern entrepreneurs to be more influential than older ones, while 20% found the inverse to be true.

There was a level of self-awareness in the research participants as well since 38% of the sample population also made it clear that they don’t look to such individuals as role models. As for the individuals who claim to idolize entrepreneurs, their accomplishments and societal contributions ended up being some of the most significant reasons for such adoration.

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