LinkedIn Is On A Mission To Help Users Better Manage Their Messages With A New ‘Focused Inbox’

LinkedIn recently announced a new way to help users of the app get around their messages. And that means clearing up clutter by filtering away junk. This can now be done with its new ‘focused inbox’ feature.

The goal is to re-route less important messages into a new tab called Other, that’s located in the message stream.

The company recently shared images of how the new update is going to look on the app as you're bestowed with two new InMail Tabs called Focused and Other.

As the name goes, the Focus will entail urgent things that need to be looked at immediately, while the Others will have texts that can wait and be gone through with time. But some do feel that the Other could be better named Spam.

We’re awfully curious to see where the app’s sponsored content is going to go when there’s a distinct separation. After all, that’s mostly junk as well.

But we feel LinkedIn will not be shifting it over to the ‘you can ignore these texts’ portion in case brands are pooling money to have it marketed.

The app was recently seen speaking in detail about the new ‘dual inbox’ system for messages that users will find much easier to handle and cope with. Remember, it’s all about organization, as the app reminds us, time after time.

LinkedIn adds that shifting texts from one tab to another is awfully simple, so that won’t be an issue as switching back and forth is a norm. Similarly, the platform sheds light on how with time, you’re going to be seeing a smarter inbox that seamlessly filters away your junk according to your preferences and needs.

For now, we’re not sure how the entire processing and categorization system will actually work out, but it sounds promising to a few users out there. Using machine tools to help users be more organized is definitely smart. After all, it is the era of AI technology, right?

Critics feel it’s not a mega change but one that might be a big one for those who get a lot of texts and hence will now be spending less time going through their clutter.

On the other hand, the app has also a lot more updates planned for its users. LinkedIn says it wants to assist more people in finding the type of job they’re looking for inside the firm they’re currently working at.

This feature is called the ‘dedicated jobs’ feature, and it’s going to be available for use in the ‘jobs at your company's part in the Jobs Tab. Here, a number of newly outlined roles seen in the firm will be highlighted. Who knows, something might end up tickling your fancy more than others, and you start applying for a new role.

The platform feels this is a great chance to shorten or close the gap that exists in huge firms. And as a result, a lot of hard workers out there end up missing out on things like internal promotions as they had no clue there were any options like this in the first place.

More news about LinkedIn is incorporating more ways to showcase a user’s soft skills. And it’s all thanks to the app’s move to display that thought through a video response or one that’s mentioned in writing.

Linked In says it’s also keen on adding translated captions generated by machine technology in various languages. This will give much bigger access to LinkedIn’s wide array of learning courses on offer.

There is also some discussion about LinkedIn’s new analytics features. This will be provided to its platform that handles sales navigation. Users would now be able to better prioritize their respective accounts in this manner.

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