Instagram Tests New Way To Protect Users From Being Exposed To Unwanted Content In DMs

Instagram recently launched a new filter that will prevent users from witnessing unwanted exposure to content on the app.

In case you didn’t know, the app has come a long way in blocking explicit content; therefore, if you still happen to be facing problems in that department, Instagram is working on it.

The development in question is called the nudity filter they're currently experimenting with. But the app says things are looking promising, and if they go as planned, this could be something major for the platform.

The idea is to block explicit content like nude pictures seen through the app’s DMs, and it’s an issue that we felt needed to be addressed earlier. But better late than never, and we hope blocking such texts will now be possible on the platform because, let’s face it, most people aren’t interested in seeing others’ private parts.

We’ve got the news thanks to avid app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi who says the app is all set to roll out the feature that detects nudity and blocks it from being transferred forward. Hence, all images will be scanned, and if they pass the criteria of safe viewing by the app’s system, they’ll be allowed, but if not, they will get blocked.

The app will blur the picture out whenever it's detected, and it will all be carried out on your device. For now, we’re hearing news about the test being conducted for iOS users, but if it works out well, Android should follow up soon.

The thought of private images being detected by the app is a little concerning for some because they’re worried the app might end up downloading them in the end. But don’t worry, Apple has reassured users that they’re keeping an eye out to see how the whole process of detecting and blurring occurs, and privacy is maintained.

Meta says it’s going to be conducted via machine-powered tools and data matching. Hence, it will not trace or track down any specifics related to user data of the interactions between various people.

So yes, it’s a little controversial, if we must say so ourselves because many feel the drawbacks might jeopardize the benefits.

The news comes after a Facebook leaked document showed how Meta is well aware of the fact that Instagram affects the mental health of young people. Yet, it chose to ignore it and continue its profit-making endeavors.

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