Instagram Tests New Method To Refine Its Reels Recommendations

Instagram and Reels are inseparable and whether you like it or not, the platform is doing whatever it takes to make sure the popular short-form content is maximized to its full potential.

Now, the app seems to be on the lookout for ways to better refine recommendations for users’ Reels. Therefore, you may have noticed how some users are now being able to incorporate a series of topics into their uploads.

This helps to better categorize their video clips as compared to leaving them scattered and unorganized.

Thanks to one avid user of the app named Jacki Pitkow and a little help from Matt Navarra too, there’s a new ‘Topics’ category up for grabs soon. This assists users in expanding their reach to others that may share similar interests.

This is being looked upon as a great way for the platform to better put its talent and potential on display through content that’s directed to a specific target audience. In the end, it’s all about boosting Reels' performance and we feel this is a great way to do just that.

Remember, the more people you connect and interact with, the better life becomes and the more chances you get to promote that brand of yours.

Instagram is also looking at this as the perfect chance to better finetune its recommendations on Reels. And that is definitely one major focal point for the app at the moment.

The platform is really keen on making more and more people watch Reels and that’s why you’re seeing the feature be added to almost every single element on the platform.

Definitely, the app has scaled down on this aspect, ever since the app’s users began to lodge more protests. Nevertheless, the flood of Reels still continues as more than 20% of people spending time on the app are doing so through this feature.

Instagram really wants more and more people to play Reels, based solely on recommendations provided by the AI database. They hope this can maximize user engagement and ward off the competition of attention linked to TikTok.

But Instagram knows that the struggle is definitely real and it still is unable to figure out the recommendation engine well enough yet. As Adam Mosseri says, people should be happy to see what’s being recommended to them but it’s just not been happening lately.

Instagram is going down that TikTok route but how well it really does at copying the app successfully can depend on two different factors.

Firstly, can the app manage to develop recommendations for its algorithm that are in line with TikTok? And by that, we mean an app that safely identifies users’ interests. Secondly, how keen are app users in wanting just that?

The first challenge is more related to how well the platform can better outline different elements and objects located in the content. And then link those to the users’ interests. Remember, TikTok has been doing a brilliant job at just that.

The second challenge is more linked to people being forced to watch Reels because the platform is squeezing them into every single nook and corner. And yes, they’re getting the views but are people really happy about what’s being shown or not?

This leads us to the creation of two very different schools of thought. One has to do with those that aren’t keen on downloading TikTok and like the Reels fad as something unique, fast, and fresh as far as videos are concerned.

The second school of thought has to do with those that prefer TikTok and don’t like seeing Instagram copy it out. Taking both these two groups together and creating a Venn diagram can really define the app’s success.

The better the recommendations, the more success for the app.

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