How Many Top Apps Make Use Of Apple Search Ads? The Findings Of This Study May Surprise You

In the past year, Search Ads from tech giant Apple have turned into an increasingly popular venture. You’ll be amazed to learn how so many huge firms have set aside giant budgets that ensure the right spending takes place on the App Store.

And then we had the app tracking transparency from WhatsApp come forward, which really helped a lot.

But how many leading iOS apps actually make use of search ads? Well, a new App Intelligence study by AF used state-of-the-art suite tools to find the answer. And according to that analysis, the results are surprising.

To keep it short and sweet, the answer is a lot! The top 100 biggest earning applications were analyzed in each subject on the App store. They were then ranked according to the number of apps they were running through Search Ads.

And that’s when they found out that 61% of top iOS apps ran Apple’s search ads, wow!

As far as categories are concerned, well, it’s education that people appear to show the greatest investments upon. Nearly 70% of those earning the most revenue were related to this niche. It couldn’t make more sense than this, considering the timing at the moment.

Remember, it’s back-to-school season and such applications are definitely in popular demand.

But closely following that niche comes the world of health and fitness. You’d be amazed at how so many people are willing to get back on track with their health and are turning to apps to do just that.

Other commonly inquired-about categories included the world of business, music, graphics, design, games, and even navigation. But what exactly do these stats mean? Does it actually hint that apps use search ads from Apple if they wish to make money across the App Store? Perhaps you’re wondering such leading apps use the money they generate to spend on getting Search Ads.

Well, the answer is that both these scenarios take place. Some of the applications continue to be in demand thanks to the company’s Search Ads. Meanwhile, so many famous apps continue to use ads so they can compete with other archrivals in the industry.

This is definitely defining the real purpose of such ads. It’s much better when they happen to be located in the search results too.

For a while now, we saw the leading iPhone maker have their leg up against all other ad networks, thanks to these ad placements. They managed to serve their intended audiences perfectly.

And since advertisers actually don’t end up gaining access to many of its features, well, we know the company has plenty of hidden tricks up its sleeve that it fails to show publicly. But we do hope to see them arise in the near future.

The reason for this behavior could be simple. It has to do with the fact that ad placements do not need interactions from users. They’re magical in every sense.

There is even a massive debate circulating whether Apple’s rule of ridding third parties from targeting users was fair or not. So it’s a sticky mess.

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