Google Rolls Out Feature That Makes Judging Apps In The Play Store Easier

Google has finally managed to roll out a new feature that’s been in the works for a while now. The company says it’s been wanting to create something that provides users with tailored reviews.

This way, they can better judge various apps across the Play Store and pick something that goes in line with their preference.

Depending on which device you have, the reviews would accompany that. For instance, you can have a tablet, an Android, or even an iOS, and you’d get a review based on each. How cool is that?

The decision to roll out such a feature was made in August of 2021, and reports spoke about it launching during the early part of this year. Now, however, the rollout has finally begun, and as the old saying goes, it’s better late than never.

The news comes at a unique time as the company is keen on launching its own tablet and a few wearables. So we think it’s definitely going to help in that respect.

If you happen to come across the Play Store now, you’ll find a new notice that speaks of ‘verified’ ratings. You will be provided with feedback from those having similar devices as you.

We feel this feature is now of the essence, especially since so many Android-based apps are spreading to various devices. It’s quite different from having an app running across Chromebook versus the Pixel Tablet, for instance.

And if you have a smartwatch, it’s a nightmare going through reviews that entail if the device is compatible with the app in question. But with the good does come a little bad.

For example, it’s not fun to see both foldable and tablets grouped together. After all, we’re all aware that these are two very different categories and should be treated. The same goes for devices from Samsung, like the foldable phone being grouped with the tab. We know it won’t be too weird for some, but why not think before making groups?

Let’s not forget one more important thing. This store provides your type of device, not specifics related to your device. So once you learn the difference, you might see how everything isn’t perfect for you.

However, users can do this manually by simply entering the rating button for any app and then clicking on the three-liner filter tab that pops up before reviews. Hence, you get the chance to direct it to serve reviews designed for your model only.


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