Google has come up with new updates to Messages its native chatting app

With the addition of WhatsApp and other online chatting apps in our daily lives, we often don’t need to use normal Messages, and Giant tech companies including Apple know it. But, on the other hand, for some reason, we have Google who is adamant that normal SIM messaging is the future and is working to make many and we mean many developments on it.

And when we talked about the many developments we were talking about these because not caring about the fact if investing in Messages is a good idea or not, Google is continuing to add all sorts of features to the app that are very similar to the ones we have on WhatsApp. Today, we will be talking about 3 new features that are coming to the app soon: Voice memos, emoji reactions, and more.

Well here is the thing. There have been some developments to the messages app but none of the new features are out to the public just yet. This further proves that some features are in development at the Google headquarters and something is coming very soon.

Armed with this knowledge let us take a deep dive into what we know about them as of now. First in line are transcripts for voice memos. What are they? Well, they are just the text that the feature has automatically translated for you into a text message from a voice memo. This will make it easier for people who are in a hurry and don’t have the time to write a proper message. Now, this also works the other way, as if you are somewhere that you can’t listen to the voice message let’s say public transport then this feature will convert that message into a text one for you to read, instead of listen to.

Moving on, it has been a couple of years since Google first introduced the emoji reactions into its native messaging app but it is now getting some very well-deserved and much-needed improvements into the system. Right now, if you want to send an emoji reaction, you would have to choose between a couple of options that are already given but now with this new feature you would be able to choose from any emoji that would be listed in your phone’s emoji section.

Lastly, the app is getting a brand new renovated photo picker that will allow users to pick any photo that they want without having to go to a new page to select recent images. Currently, this feature is only for recent images but will soon be available for older ones as well.

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