Google has come up with a new feature that will allow users to save things using bookmarks

Google is the most popular search engine with billions of people using the app every day. While on the app on our mobiles we often want to save a page that we want to come back to later and can’t remember the URL, this is where Google’s new feature comes in.

First, a quick recap is in order, so last year in September Google redesigned the collection tab so that it had a much better user interface and was easier to use. Now Google has taken another step forward and integrated the bookmark option with the search results.

The app has long since been home to the “add to collection” button, but now that has been replaced with the bookmark option.

The app has now brought the bookmark option to the built-in browser to reside alongside the hamburger menu of “about the page” and other actions. Tapping on the button will lead to a small split screen tab opening up with the option to select what folders you want to add the result into. The tab also sports the ability to change the folder the page was added to if the need to do it arises. One thing that should be noted is that the small bookmark marker will stay there even if you search again with a different keyword but with the same results.

The saved items can be viewed through either the collections tab or through the web directly as well. You can make as many collections as you would like and save pages to your heart's fill. You can save not only pages but movies, books, locations, etc.

The ability to save with this feature is still not very out in the world and is only available for a few logged in users according to an article by 9to5G. Once this feature becomes widely rolled out, we will make sure to inform you.

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