Google Chrome Hints to Block Various Ad Blockers In Coming Years

Recently, Chrome's ad blocker developers announced some updates that might leave its users astonished.

They announced the removal of multiple top-notch features that might sound astonishing to numerous users of Google chrome. Google's new MV3 API terms protect users' data and privacy and also offer a material boost in the performance.

In the new API update, the removal of key features of reading and modifying data tends to be a good step for the company and its developers but it remains a question mark for multiple users as there would be numerous consequences to this update.

The biggest demerit of this update can be that chrome users might find it hard to locate their privacy tools. Subsequently, it will be harder for them to figure out whether their privacy and online security are rightly valued by Google Chrome under new updates or not.

To skip the fear of privacy, the users can hunt down multiple alternatives. Many users can look down on VPN providers for anonymous online services to stay safe. Also to stay safe, the users can hunt down another alternative that might be a question mark on this update. The alternative is simply switching the browser that cares for the privacy and security of its users.

Besides this, since January, Google has banned the creation of new MV2 extensions and the developer will be unable to update the extensions or versions of older API's restricting them to rely entirely on consumer browsers.

This update can also be a big question mark on the company. With this update, the users would be disturbed with more cookies to accept, informational or non-informational pop-ups redirecting to multiple other websites and more and more terms and conditions that must be accepted to continue browsing through the internet.

The following updates of APIs and extensions can be fruitful in terms of business for Google Chrome developers but it still can be a question mark for ample users. As users might find it hard to feel secure with future updates.

In the long-term, the following updates can cause many users to shift from Chrome to another browser that values their privacy and online security and make the use of tools simpler and easier. But to cut it short, the company's prime targets are to generate business and by their several experiments and updates, they are doing so.

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