Brazil Suspends Sales For iPhones Without Power Brink While Issuing Apple Fine Worth Millions

Just days before the exclusive iPhone 14 launch event, Brazil is taking strict action against Apple. The country’s Justice Ministry was seen issuing a statement that claims to suspend all iPhone sales without a power brink.

Additionally, the government has also sent a mega $2.3 million fine to the iPhone maker as published in the country’s Federal Register today.

As mentioned in Brazil’s leading news outlet G1 Globo, the government explained how it was canceling the registration of iPhones in the market with a suspension for all iPhone device sales too. This will take place with immediate effect, the statement went on to read.

No matter what generation or even model of device is present, if they don’t have the power brink, they won’t be up for sale.

Brazilian government officials further mentioned how it will not be applying the daily fine if the company chooses not to suspend iPhone sales without power brinks immediately. It will only come into play if and when the leading iPhone producer fails to follow guidelines in the future.

As it is, we saw in October how the country’s Justice Ministry mentioned to both tech giants Apple and Samsung that they failed to be clear about why such a decision to remove power brinks was made in the first place from their smartphone series.

And when no adequate reply was provided, the government decided that it was high time for the country’s consumer protection regulator to begin administrative proceedings against both firms.

But we’d like to mention how Samsung has been very keen on listening to Brazilian government officials and that’s why its latest series of folding smartphone devices do entail a power brink as confirmed by the company.

Apple did once mention that the majority of households encase more than one iPhone and for that reason, having several power brinks of the same kind just does not make sense. And for a healthier and safe environment, having power brinks added to the latest iPhones wouldn’t be beneficial.

But despite knowing this fact very clearly, so many governments around the globe are still filing lawsuits and issuing fines against the Cupertino fine as to why no power brink is being provided with iPhone sales.

A recent comment from Apple has been made on the subject in question. They will definitely appeal the decision brought on by the Brazilian government because they feel removing the power brink from its iPhone box would definitely decrease the carbon footprint on planet earth.

Apple issued a long statement where it justified its behavior in detail. It added how much it cares for the planet and since its power adapters comprise its greatest use of materials such as plastic and metals like zinc, getting rid of them could help reduce carbon emissions comprising nearly 2 million metric tonnes.

And they said it was equivalent to eliminating more than 500,000 vehicles from the road annually.

With millions of power adapters being used around the globe, Apple says it hopes to play its role in combating the environmental crisis that we’re currently facing.

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