Brazil Crowned For Having The World’s Most Expensive Air Pods Pro 2

It was only recently that we last heard about Turkey overtaking Brazil for having the world’s most expensive iPhone 14 model. But that doesn’t mean the South American nation is falling short or pricing in other aspects.

Unfortunately, it still reigns supreme for having the most expensive Air Pods Pro 2 model and if you’re concerned about the pricing details, well, they can be almost double the cheapest amount present elsewhere.

Hence, you definitely don’t want to make a purchase of the leading Apple accessory from here because experts claim it just isn’t worth it.

Details were shared by Nukeni revealed how Apple varies its prices based on which region the sales are taking place. And that’s when the media outlet spoke about taxes being added to the final product. Additionally, you’ll find a range of different prices across both the US and Canada.

Both of these nations lie in North America but tax rates differ in different places so where you really end up making purchases matters the most. And remember that since the market’s currency rates continually fluctuate, prices alter daily as well.

As far as the top five lowest price destinations to make an Airpod purchase are concerned, well, it’s got to be Hong Kong, Taiwan, and then Malaysia. This is closely followed up by Thailand and the US.

Meanwhile, there are also rankings for the top 5 most expensive regions where a purchase like this must be avoided. This includes Brazil, India, and Hungary. Similarly, you shouldn’t make purchases in Denmark and Poland too.

As you can see, buying Apple products in Brazil isn’t recommended when compared to other nations. Just look at the massive difference between Brazil and India, it’s almost a staggering $160 difference between the two.

So, what’s the hype about these wireless earbuds in the first place? Well, for starters, they’re raging because they entail a new H2 chip that is designed to have the best audio, Bluetooth, and transparency features out there today. Similarly, it features other cool functionalities like volume control via a touch sensor and a better battery.

The new case also has the added improvements of built-in speakers, a unique U1 chip, and a lot more.

At the moment, the exciting product is already up for sale in a number of different regions around the globe. And in some of these countries, sales are ready to begin as early as September 23.

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