Apple Plans To Add New Ad Slots On Its App Store To Help Expand Its Ad Business

At the start of this year, we heard Apple announcing how keen it was to expand its ad business. This would be done by incorporating a series of ad slots across its App Store. And while we didn’t have any other details, the sound of the project was definitely interesting.

There was not a lot of information on when those slots would actually come into play for developers to utilize them. But now, we’ve got some important news thanks to a new report by CNBC that sheds more light on the topic.

The report speaks about Apple putting its plans into action by the year-end. Similarly, a lot of emphases was also put on how a few developers even received invites from the tech giant on Tuesday to take part in a webinar.

This was centered around the concept of App Store ads. There was also a line or two about how ad placements would take place across the iOS App Store, just in time for the holiday season.

One developer for the app Mobile Dev Memo even went public with his invite through his account on Twitter. And he says the webinar will occur on September 21.

The invite was short and sweet and it shed light on how there were plenty of new opportunities to avail across the Apple Search Ads. And they hoped more and more developers would come forward and make use of the app’s new launch which is more or less a promotional strategy,

So in case, you all are wondering, the App Store already has its fair share of ads. But developers do get the chance to market their apps across the company’s search option and also in the search results. So what’s new?

Well, developers will now be given the chance to purchase slots for their ads across their ‘Today’ homepage as seen on separate app pages.

Apple isn’t keen on developers targeting a particular application when they’re bidding for the placement of a product ad and its order. But the tech giant revealed that its suggestions for ads are going to be extremely relevant for every page. Therefore, users will get the chance to witness ads belonging to archrivals across various app pages.

The decision is one that we feel couldn’t have come at a better time. The firm is busy investing to raise its revenue for a number of different services. Moreover, the firm also spoke about how the App Store’s ads are a fantastic chance for developers to rise to the occasion and promote various applications while making sure their users’ privacy is guarded.

But remember, the company’s advertising practices are currently under scrutiny too. And that’s after it made it harder for third parties to offer ads to targeted audiences.

One recent report even shed light on how the company’s ATT offering has resulted in a dramatic 40% rise in its own in-app purchases. And that’s not good as developers are already struggling.

H/T: Eric Seufert

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