An Accidental Twitter Post Has Sparked A Viral Trend And Now The US President Has Jumped On The Bandwagon Too

It never takes too long for anything in today’s time to go viral. And this can be proven by an accidental post by a train company on Twitter that has led to an outbreak of one-word tweets.

From the likes of President Joe Biden of the USA to space company NASA too, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.

If you’re an avid user of social media and Twitter, in particular, you may have already seen it taking center stage right now. It’s baffling how so many firms are simply putting up cryptic-themed one-word posts on the app.

The trend actually took place when a train company in the US named Amtrak began to tweet a message that entailed nothing but ‘trains’ written on its post. This was a mistake that they admit and has since then been going viral.

The tweet has managed to gain over 183,000 likes and more than 23,000 retweets as well. And by midday on Friday, we were seeing it take center stage as the most viral trend of them all.

Thanks to some eagle-eyed Twitter users, the mistake was spotted but before we knew it, firms from all over the country arrived on the bandwagon and started to follow in their footsteps. What we got, in the end, was the most unique viral trend.

But we must say, it’s definitely a weird form of fascination. Biden, Marvel superheroes, NASA, everyone picked up on the trend.

Imagine the country’s president taking a break from his daily duties to put up a tweet that says nothing but the term ‘democracy’! He says that it's under threat and that was his purpose behind the ordeal. For him, Trump’s extremist views and possibly entry into politics had him worried and he wanted his fans and followers to know how he felt.

Cricket fans were certainly stumped to see legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar join in on the fun. All he did was put up the name of his favorite sport and voila, that’s all it took.

Next in line came the Superhero legend Deadpool whose account simply wrote down his name to be a part of this trend. But we were certainly shocked to see The Washington Post come forward and write down its own lighthearted and fun version of the trend. It simply tweeted the word news.

NASA certainly seems to want to be left behind. Hence, they tweeted the term universe to a fan base comprising 61 million users. After that, the Mariott Hotel got involved in the same scheme and put up the term hotels and Mailchimp followed that up with the term emails.

CNET just could not stop making fun of Amtrak when it decided to put up the term tech and the NPR had to be included too, posting Radio.

So as you can see, one trend went viral in seconds and some of the biggest names in the country weren’t afraid to participate.

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