30% of American Employees Thinks That Their Work Activity Is Tracked by Their Employer

According to the latest survey, 3 out of 10 American employees claim that their working activity is monitored by their employers.

Americans are generally considered productive employees. The majority of the people deny the fact that their working activity is observed by their employers but 30% claim that their working activity is constantly observed.

According to the research, 48% of American employers oppose tracking the working time & activity of their employees. Whereas, 36% of them are in favor of tracking the working hours and idle hours of their employees for better productivity.

Besides this, workers doing part-time or full-time generally oppose being overviewed constantly. It shifts when the employers have only one person under them and they usually prefer to monitor them.

However, there are different stats for managers or people working at higher positions. Many managers consider it a positive sign to be tracked while others just avoid it for ample reasons.

Tracking an employee's progress and activity is considered a great sign of productivity as the overall rate of an organization's productivity depends on every employee. This is the reason that the workers are tracked for their physical activities for better outcomes of their work.

Almost in half of the places, employers monitor their employee's work activities and idle hours for a better productivity rate. According to a survey, 51% of people say that the managing staff should be able to track the activity of their employers through electronic devices or company devices.

Workers who are constantly monitored for their activities permit their physical tracking and activity tracking through electronic devices. Meanwhile, the workers who do not believe that they are monitored are less likely to permit their constant tracking.

The research survey also shows that there are different stats for workers with an age of below 45 and or above 45. An ample of them don't like to be monitored for their regular activities whether they are being physically monitored or monitored through electronic devices.

H/T: YouGov

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