Which Type Of Content Do Social Media Marketers Hire Creators To Make? This Study Says It All

If you’re an avid social media influencer, you’re probably well aware of the fact that different brands really do leverage creators to make content. And in return, they offer financial incentives that work out well for both parties.

Quite often, it’s the content creators that are seen leading the pack and asking brands if they’d like to make use of their services for advertisement purposes. Not only is this cost-effective and authentic, but it also guarantees the content gets views from the intended audience too.

So, yes, engagement really does play an imminent role in the world of social media. But what are the trends seen in the US regarding topics being covered? A better way to put it would be, which subjects are marketers most interested in when hiring creators to promote their content?

Well, thanks to a new report by Sprout Social, the various types of trending content that marketers are hiring creators for have finally been outlined for this year. And it’s safe to say, some were a little surprising in terms of their ranking.

Interestingly, it seems that social media marketers are willing to spend big bucks on educational type of content, testimonials, and unboxings for products more than other things. This way, their audience or followers get a chance to explore the topics with the creators themselves.

Educational content topped the list, taking the lead with 50%. Testimonial content came second, comprising 43% while trailing right behind at 42% were giveaways and challenges. Tied with the latter were unboxings or revelations for new products.

Content present behind the scenes stood at 31% while trending content took the fifth position at 28%. In last place, skits and other comic scenarios trailed with just 24%.

These stats are for the US influencer economy, which in case you didn’t know, is truly bigger now than ever. On average, the spending has reached nearly $5 billion this year.

H/T: InsiderIntelligence

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