Twitter has come up with a new feature that will let users change who can comment on their post

On the internet, one encounters a million different people. The people with public accounts or those who post a lot of opinions on their accounts are often the victims of cyberbullying or trolling. These can come in the form of comments on specific posts and direct messages related to those posts.

Twitter is no exception as the number of trollers and cyberbullies on the app is huge, but even though Twitter’s moderation facilities are doing work to rid the app of them, some of them still find ways to torment people that don’t fall within their specific thinking group or if they are any sort of discriminatory, their approved racial group.

So, to combat this Twitter came up with a new feature that will allow users to set privacy settings on their tweets after they have been posted. This new feature is still in the process of development and soon will be available to everyone across the globe with a Twitter account.

Like we said above this feature will let users control who can comment on their tweets after they have posted them. To change the settings, the user will have to click on the 3 dots so that the menu drops. After that, the users will click on the “Change who can reply” option from there users will have 3 more options given to them with the first option being everyone, then people you follow and the third being only the people you have mentioned in the post.

This will help users create a safer environment for them to socialize in by having complete control of it. The users who are bullied online because of any reason will have the option to create a non-toxic space for themselves and those who have a multitude of different personalities like work and other things they will also have a better space for themselves.

H/T: Jane Manchun Wong

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