Twitter Insiders Admit There Is Some Truth To Whistleblower Peiter Zatko’s Shocking Claims

In the past few days, we saw Twitter’s former security chief Peiter Zatko boldly disclose some striking revelations to Congress. It was a shock for some but now, there is more news about insiders agreeing to some claims made.

Zatko called the company out for having some major security flaws. He even added details about how he was strictly informed not to make any reports to the board too.

And while so many of the firm’s board members and insiders felt his intentions behind the act were not correct, they are making affirmations that some claims are true.

Speaking to BusinessInsider recently, an unnamed employee says there are plenty of skeletons in Twitter’s closet but that happens with all firms. But you can’t dismiss what Zatko has to say. The company doesn’t have a reputation for lying when looking at its past but these revelations coming out in the open are concerning.

Zatko served as the platform’s leading information security officer. His whistleblower report has been a really big controversy because the claims are huge and they arise as a series of wrongdoing.

The claims were first publicized via a report in the Washington Post on Wednesday and since then, the company’s CEO says they’re still evaluating what has been alleged because there’s a lot.

Interestingly, the striking claims allow things to move in favor of Elon Musk. And we feel the timing here is pivotal as Musk’s legal battles’ trial date begins in October.

Musk is trying hard to gather evidence to show how much fraud the firm has been busy with so he gets an easy way out of the mega $44 million Twitter acquisition deal.

A total of three different employees belonging to Twitter say Zatko is a man of his word and can be trusted. Hence, they have outlined that there are quite a few truthful parts included in his report.

Since the matter is sensitive and controversial, the employees have requested not to be named.

Zatko accused Twitter of suffering from some major deficiencies and poor leadership. Similarly, he accused the CEO of not allowing him to send an entire report to the firm’s board of directors. It contained plenty of content related to different issues that Twitter was facing.

The employees do claim that Twitter’s leadership needs improvement as at that time, CEO Jack Dorsey was never available to talk. Therefore, matters linked to the betterment of employees could never be openly discussed.

Now, another ex-Twitter executive feels a firm may meet all rules but still suffer from great weaknesses. This is what’s happened here.

The former executive explained that while he was working with the firm, communication was very open and he was allowed to express his thoughts without any stops. But if Zatko wasn’t allowed to delineate major security flaws that Twitter was suffering from openly, the issue is huge.

But the controversies continue as many people find it strange as to why everything was being disclosed now and not before. What are his intentions in whistleblowing a department that he was instructed to overlook?

Hence, you’ll find insiders disagreeing with some claims made too. This brings us to the topic of spam and the number of monetizable active users.

They say Zatko’s wordings and accusations are confusing and very conflated. Also, what he claims now was never spoken about when he worked for Twitter. Also, the fact that he was fired by the organization could mean revenge was at stake.

Then there is talk about how no one kept a check on what Zatko was really up to because he had his hands everywhere. The greatest interaction you could have with him was via email about security.

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