TikTok’s Parent Firm ByteDance Quietly Launches Its Own Search App Without Ads In China

ByteDance has quietly launched its own search app in China, where Google is reportedly banned.

The owner of the famous short-form video app TikTok has promised its users that it won’t be launching any ads on the new search engine where we haven’t seen Google appear in almost 10 years.

But the reason why the news is so interesting has to do with a simple fact. And that’s related to how silently everything was done. We mean to say that a major app is being launched into China’s cyberspace and we’ve yet to receive any form of a notification globally.

The decision for the app’s release was taken by Bytedance’s subsidiary located in Beijing. The firm called Infinite Dimension Technology made the move strategically.

So, what’s the new search app called? Well, it’s been named Wukong and the news about the release is very fresh as the launch only recently took place. This is just a few days after the famous Tencent Holdings announced its shutdown this month.

iOS users can find the Wukong app in China’s App Store and a few other Android stores in the country. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it really puts ByteDance in the line of competition against Baidu which is another famous search engine in the nation.

What else do we know so far? Well, the new search application likes to market itself as being one that gives out quality information and search details without the hindrance of ads. And as a user, we don’t think anything would be better.

We do see how that’s a slap in the face to Baidu, which routinely gets criticized for its ad behavior and targeting practices.


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