TikTok Accounts Crossing The ‘One Million Followers’ Mark Have Declined 41% From Last Year

Whether you may love it or simply detest it, one thing about TikTok is for sure. The app is definitely in your face and making the buzz on social media in different ways.

The platform seems to have a little bit of everything to help users pass their time and get rid of boredom. Let's not forget the constant challenges that fascinate Gen Z, the viral hacks that users can't help but experiment with, and of course, in-app shopping too as the icing on the cake.

TikTok may be winning in terms of popularity with the younger and older generation but when it comes to stats and comparisons made to last year, we’re seeing some startling findings.

TheInformation recently shed light upon how there was a drastic decline in TikTok accounts reaching the one million followers mark in 2022.

Think along the lines of a massive 41% YoY decrease since last year, as proven by Trendpop. And the decline has been constant, falling down massively with each passing month.

Some analysts don’t feel it’s a bad thing but there needs to be more research done to better shed light on the matter. Also, many can't help but wonder if the new rate for account retention managed to accelerate in that timeframe or not.

Clearly, plenty of unanswered questions, and we hope some analysts can get to the bottom of this.

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