Facebook Messenger Tests End-to-End Encryption Backups And Brings More Updates To Texts And Calls

Facebook Messenger has recently gone public with plans to test end-end encryption backups while experimenting with more updates related to E2E phone calls and text messages.

So, what does this mean? How are things going to change on the app?

Well, Facebook Messenger recently unveiled how the new tests are designed to secure storage backups for your texts, just in case users end up losing their devices. In that case, they’ll be allowed to restore all of their text histories across new and supported devices.

The company’s product management director was seen mentioning recently that the whole idea is to add better security for the purpose of storage. This certainly does not mean that Facebook would gain access to a user’s texts unless they end up reporting the case to them.

According to Sara Su, secure storage is the way to go when you’ve got default settings on because it just adds that new layer of protection of chat history for conversations on the app. Moreover, it also provides users with a number of options related to having their texts restored, in case they wish to do so.

One of those options was highlighted, and it included being able to produce PINS or a new code. At the same time, you’re definitely going to be able to get the chance to select the chats outlined through third parties involved in providing cloud services.

Those with iOS devices would then get the chance to make use of iCloud for the purpose of generating secret keys which enable access granted for the purpose of backups.

In the next couple of weeks, Facebook Messenger would also be seen publishing more tests and making updates linked to end-end encryption.

Some common updates to expect include an expansion of features as well as surfaces. These deleted texts will now be able to sync through a user’s several devices. Similarly, it gives users the chance to unsend texts and send out replies to different Stories across the app.

Next up, users can benefit from a Code Verification. This is another name allotted to open-source extensions for browsers which automatically confirms the authenticity of the code while making use of the web page for the app.

Lastly, we can even expect to see Messenger produce chats that are encrypted for a few through default settings.

The platform is also keen on moving ahead with plans that delete its Vanish Mode. In case you’re not aware, this feature is designed to emphasize a user’s disappearing texts.

There is another test in store for users pertaining to expanding features for a chat. This is still in the pipeline and would be soon released to plenty of users across different nations. Hence, you definitely need to keep an eye out for that.

The news comes to us as Meta’s leading Facebook and Instagram apps are making way to switch to only end-to-end encrypted chat, which could be seen as early as 2023.
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