Study Shows Some Of The Most Common Complaints That Apple Users Have Against iPhones

Freedom Mobiles has recently conducted a study, compiling the most frequent complaints that Apple consumers have regarding iPhones.

Sure, iPhones are some of the most sophisticated commercial technological devices we have available (I said some of, Samsung fans, you can all chill). However, they admittedly have a lot of, ahem, “quirks” to them. There are a lot of common examples: battery life suddenly jumps from 20% to a mere one percent; iTunes is an indecipherable enigma; iPhone leads become obsolete at little more than a slight bend or tug, and the list goes on. However, these are just some of the stereotypes that we encounter, and there isn’t necessarily a lot of evidence backing such statements.

A much better method of analyzing actual problems that individuals face with their iPhones is, well, asking them and summarizing the results. Freedom Mobile, a phone recycling service not to be confused with the popular Canadian mobile vendors, decided to take such a research-oriented strategy in stride and published the study that we’re going to be looking into right now.

To be fair, the study doesn’t conduct a survey and ask users what problems they face. Instead, Freedom Mobiles took a much more online approach to the process, compiling over 130 keywords that can be applied to iPhone queries, and then establishing the most common complaints that keep popping up. With these meta-analysis-esque parameters understood, we can now delve right into the results. The most common complaint that users around the world face are, and I quote, “iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes” at 42,000 monthly searches.

No one said grammatical rules have to be followed online, they’re classist structures anyway (I state, hoping to not get fired in the process). At any rate, this refers to iPhones being shut down after too many incorrect password inputs; a complaint which coincidentally is the most common complaint amongst iPhone users in the USA at 18,000 hits. Other common complaints amongst iPhone users include the likes of the devices not charging, face ID not working, and screens being stuck on the Apple logo. These last three complaints are also some of the most common complaints being shared amongst users in the West.

Is Apple a marketing whiz of a corporation, producing sleek devices that sell tremendously well? Yes, but the magic’s sort of dampened when your userbase complains about said devices not opening in the first place.

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