According to a new report, Netflix leads TV viewing minutes in the second quarter of 2022

A research boutique, Moffett Nathanson, analyzes the data of a firm called Nielsen, which aims to provide insights into consumer behavior by collecting information about what people prefer to watch and purchase. According to the research, streaming service Netflix beats YouTube and Hulu in terms of streaming minutes in the second quarter of2022.

After Netflix, YouTube got 94 percent of streaming minutes of viewing. However, this percentage also includes YouTube TV and virtual pay TV service, which now has more subscribers than traditional pay TV. Netflix outpaces Hulu and Amazon prime Video as well. According to Nielsen's research, the streaming minutes of Hulu is 43 percent, and that of Amazon is 36 percent, while Disney plus is 26 percent. Apart from these, Neilsen's report shows HBO Max, Tubi, and Pluto TV accounted for 14 percent, 11 percent, and 10 percent, respectively. Following this, the video streaming service Peacock TV accounted for 7 percent and Roku TV for 7 percent. As a percentage of Netflix's total app-based TV service, Sling TV had 5 percent streaming minutes, and Discovery+ and Hulu Live also recorded 5 percent, according to Nielsen's streaming meter. The lowest streaming services include DirecTV with 4 percent, Fubo TV with 2 percent, and Philo at 1 percent.

Nielsen measure ranked Netflix at the top among all TV viewing minutes, and for a single TV season, including 33 weeks, Netflix accounted for 1.33 trillion for age groups two and above from September 2021 to May 2022. CBS channel had 752.8 billion streaming minutes, NBC TV network and ABC had 596.7 billion and 471.9 billion minutes.

Furthermore, the top TV services are streaming platforms indicated by Neilsen data, including Disney plus at 245.4 billion, Amazon Prime at 173.7 billion, and Apple TV at 21.7 billion.

The insights from the Nielsen firm are based on all television networks' minutes watched. The report suggests that viewers seem content to take subscriptions, and Netflix's share amplified in the second quarter of 2022.


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