Snap And GWI Conducted A Study To Determine How Snapchat’s Community Interacts With Other Social Media Platforms

Snap teamed up with GlobalWebIndex to determine how the Snapchat community interacts with the platform as compared to communities from Facebook, Twitter, etc.

A total of 20,000 Snapchatters were surveyed to conduct this study, and their social media usage was mapped out across 2021. A variety of age groups were also taken into consideration, with gen Z, millennials, gen X, and baby boomers all being a part of the research. The goal was to gauge just how unique Snapchat’s audience was in terms of platform usage. Snapchat is already a very unique social media site, especially when compared to the likes of Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Posts are entirely composed of image-related content, much of which cannot be found on an organized timeline. Instead, users have to catch up with their friends via Stories, a concept that was later emulated by literally every other popular social media platform.

While chatting exists on Snapchat and is utilized frequently enough, most users communicate via maintaining streaks of “snaps” that they send to each other daily. It’s a sort of interaction that other social media platforms haven’t really emulated successfully, or even attempted to in some cases. Snapchat is its interesting amalgamation of concepts and yet manages to hold its head high amongst heavy-hitters that precede it by literal decades.

Amongst daily Snapchat users, 67% of individuals aged 16 and above don’t use Twitter daily; 53% share the same sentiment towards YouTube; 51% share this pattern about TikTok; and 41% have a similar predilection towards Facebook. I’m honestly surprised that users above the age of 16 even use Facebook that much, but the platform still is popular amongst generations older than gen Z. The research even further establishes as much: when age groups are narrowed down to 16 through 24, Facebook and Twitter daily usage plummets. 70% of daily Snapchat users don’t use Twitter daily, and numbers are accordingly 63% for Facebook, 48% for YouTube, and 42% for TikTok. Seems like some stereotypes are derived from a small amount of truth.

Snapchat has recently exceeded 600 million users globally and continues to be a massively popular social media platform. Whether it be the platform’s unique access, its incorporation of AR technology in fun ways, or simply its connection with younger generations via the usage of visual media, Snap’s doing rather well for itself.

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