Snapchat Launches Its ‘Dual Camera’ Feature For Users But It’s Not A Clone Of BeReal

Starting today, the popular social media app Snapchat is launching its dual camera feature.

The functionality will be seen on the front and back of Snapchat’s camera toolbar. But for now, we know the launch is restricted to those with iPhones only. But Android users were promised that the feature would soon be available to them in the upcoming months.

The feature works exactly as it sounds. There are two cameras, one on the front and one on the back. This way, users are allowed to take images and record videos from their device’s front and back cameras simultaneously.

All you need to do is navigate toward the app’s main camera and click on the icon that’s situated on the toolbar’s right-hand side. It’s the image featuring two cameras stacked over one another.

After clicking, users get presented with four different options. You get the chance to align pictures either vertically or horizontally. There’s also a mode that features picture in picture. This puts your selfie image into the tiny circle that’s located in the picture’s corner of your back camera.

But out of them all, the best has to be the cutout feature. This is designed to alter your image’s background and provide footage from your back camera’s current background. For instance, if you took an image in the desert, you see a selfie of yourself cut out in that respect and pasted on the top of the desert.

The news comes at a time when the popular app BeReal is skyrocketing in terms of its mega popularity. On average, stats are going up to 31 million downloads in 2022 so far. Therefore, it’s hard not to strike a resemblance between the app’s own famous dual camera and this.

But whatever the case may be, we’re not seeing the timing of Snapchat’s launch to be coincidental. After all, Instagram recently launched something similar and there is much talk about Meta doing the same.

In fact, Meta is trying to pull the covers on the launch of a feature that is an exact clone of BeReal’s challenge for users to put up candid images within the two-minute timeframe.

Snapchat’s camera is offering something that’s totally different for users and we love the individuality and uniqueness it possesses. Moreover, it’s just taking advantage of the simple fact that all smart devices possess two cameras, instead of the simple fact that they’re copying an app.

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