Snapchat Announces New Updates Including Product Stickers And Planned Advances For The Metaverse Shift

Snapchat is following in the lead of many other apps that are trying to make the most of the current economic uncertainty that has affected the digital world adversely. By this, we mean shifts to greater revenue generation through venturing into the realm of eCommerce.

The company is currently busy taking part in a series of tests that would help determine the outcome of an in-stream commerce initiative. This comes at a time when Snap has outlined how its shift into the eCommerce world is slow but steady.

These new tests will entail purchasing and displaying products in a manner that’s never been observed on the app yet. And to make sure things go right according to plan, well, the experiments have begun.

The company is testing Snap Product Stickers that serve as guides for users, linking them directly to pages where they can make an immediate purchase, as spotted by @peplm.

In April of this year, we heard about the app going public with its plans for new tools that allow for better product discovery and put due emphasis on shopping and related eCommerce tools.

There was talk about the tool called Dress Up that was very similar in design to Instagram’s famous shop tab. The only difference was that you’ll get an AR kick with a range of products that can be relayed into the real world.

This way, you can actually check to see how a particular product appears in your home, right before you end up making a purchase. Now, the product stickers are another way to see how the Dress Up tool works in its entirety, including ways to include digital items into your content as well.

Most of the stickers on demand have been related to clothing stores and accessory brands. All you need to do is click on the product and include them in a Snap frame. After tapping on it, you can learn so much about it or simply go on to make purchases as well.

As of now, it’s on offer to many users but that will hopefully be changing soon as the app has plans to expand to the masses.

Next up, Snapchat is working on making new advances in the world of virtual creation. This appears to be a part of the company’s plans to accelerate into the Metaverse, with many tech experts calling it a true changer.

The platform went public today with one of its recently published research papers. This shed light on a brand new way to produce three-dimensional assets through images and video footage of certain objects arising from sources like Google.

Snap hopes the new update would eliminate the need for pictures to get photographed and made up inside classic film studios. This is a difficult move when it comes to capturing 3D objects in today’s time.

Now, Snap hopes creators would be able to make the most of AR and VR technology, where they can simply look for items on the Google search bar, and pick out relevant pictures that are captured from various angles.

Any gaps left to be filled would be done so by the system, without the need of carrying out scanning and allowing for 3D creation with ease.

Snap mentioned through one of its recent blog posts how it plans on getting on board with the project that would enable AR and VR creators and developers to digitize anything they see in this world, provided relevant images are found online.

We see the initiative as a major move on Snapchat’s part in regards to its high ambitions for AR and a possible shift to the Metaverse with the best digital translation.

The ideas will be presented in a paper this week at Vancouver’s SIGGRAPH 2022.

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