Now Without Leaving the Document You Are Editing, You Can Give Your Colleague A Task On The Same Document With This New Feature On Google Docs

Google Docs is an important tool that helps you with a lot of your documents. Now, Google Docs has a new feature that will help you in your workspace. By using this feature, you can assign a task to your colleague by mentioning it in Google's checklist where the task will be handed out to the assignee. This feature may look like Keep's Checklist Function, but the main thing Google is adding are tasks in there. When you are working on a document, you will be able to make checklists and then assign them to your co-workers who will complete those tasks under a deadline.

The task list will also be seen by other people working on the document, including the task list of the person you assigned the task to. Once you start working on the document, everything will get synced, including the name of the entry, the due date, and if it's finished or not. This way all of the people working on an assignment can keep themselves up to date.

Now Google is trying to bring all its workspace apps under one platform. But for Keep users, they will not have the opportunity to bring all of them together so they have to work on the docs separately. Google is trying out everything that can make its users work effectively. This feature will become a part of Workspace and G Suite users in under 2 weeks. If you are a workspace user and want this feature on your app as soon as it's released, you must have to enable the Tasks for your domain. That's how you will be able to use this feature.

The bad news is for the people who have personal docs accounts. Unfortunately, they will not be able to use this feature as it is only for Workspace and G Suite users. This feature will make group working easy as the tasks will be given to co-workers while being on the document.

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