Meta Says Its Portal Devices Can Serve As Double Displays For PCs And Macs

Just as we witness the corporate world say hello to a future where work from home could possibly be the new norm, tech giant Meta has a number of exciting plans in store for its own ventures.

The company is thinking long and hard about turning its smart display lines into devices used for video calls. Just this past week, Meta shed light on how its Portal Plus and the Portal Go could literally be used to do some extra chores as your double display for both Mac as well as your PC. And that’s all thanks to the great innovative support provided by the Duet Display application.

At the same time, we’re hearing more about the tech firm carrying out a launch for its Portal Companion application across Mac. This way, users get the chance to share computer screens through their video calls. Users can also benefit from a number of controls used to raise hands, mute out all volume options, and even make volume adjustments along the way.

Meta adds that its latest additions including the Portal Go and the Portal Plus are definitely new but they’re also going to be the final of their kind as there are no such plans to expand the line further in the future.

Nevertheless, these are great additions to Meta’s smart displays, even though we are a little sad about how they will not be making further additions for consumers in the future as it’s shifting focus more toward Portals in the corporate world. And if you’re up to trend with what’s going on today, that simply translates into providing support for your work-from-home opportunities.

A little about the Duet Display functionality, well, it’s an application from a third party that turns tablets from Android into second displays for a user’s computer or Mac. This serves as the ultimate modern-sized gadget that provides your desk with just the monitor you need.

The only difference now, thanks to Meta, is the fact that it’s going to be working in a manner that enables you to open up windows across your Portal while giving you the chance to multitask too.

The Meta Portal app for the macOS directly links to your Mac, putting a number of controls for video calls on display. Users can share screens while on the phone call too.

As of now, you can purchase both Go and Plus variants on Amazon at a discount of $50 which seems to be a good enough deal to us. Nevertheless, users are getting confirmation from Meta that will continue to provide support for both of these.

So far, the reviews from tech experts have been great, with many loving the new size, battery life, and the simple fact that it’s a cute gadget when in the mood to make a video call too. But obviously, the smart display is what’s really the catch here.

We wouldn’t mind seeing something like this to be our office’s second or third screen and that’s true if the firm is famous for video calling its clients.

Interestingly, both of these portals gel well with any type of system for video calls used by the masses today. This includes Zoom, Workplace, BlueJeans, Microsoft, and Cisco’s Webex as well. Similarly, it’s known to gel well with Facebook’s Calling option on Messenger and Google’s Calendar to get the access you deserve instantly.

And for those tech enthusiasts wondering, yes, there’s also support for keyboard and headphones via Bluetooth technology.

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