Meta Releases New Promotional Campaign Of The Metaverse Amid Great Criticism

By now, you should be well aware of the fact that Meta is investing billions in a project called the metaverse. The firm has plenty of high hopes attached to the platform as the gateway to future connections.

But as more and more doubts are cast in people’s minds about the endeavor, Meta still appears to be going strong with its efforts.

The latest one has to do with a promotional campaign on how the company views the metaverse as an evolving entity. The company’s CEO says there is way more than meets the eye and while it’s not complete yet, there’s a lot more to offer than a simple avatar without legs.

Just a few days back, Zuckerberg’s famed avatar selfie took center stage, and what a disaster that turned out to be. But again, the Meta CEO promised users that this was just a rough diamond in the making and there was much more in store.

Meta says the new campaign has been designed keeping one thing in mind. And that is related to how it hopes to alter the way users connect.

This new campaign is solely focused on a team called Amani that hails from South Africa. The famed cycling group is currently making use of Meta’s apps to ensure they’re on the top of their training schedule.

For now, it’s great, but in the upcoming future, we’re expecting to see more opportunities in the form of competitions arise in the metaverse so riders from all around the globe can participate. It’s time to immerse yourselves in a highly digital environment.

The sounds of it are pretty cool and the thought of availing the most in the world of virtual reality is definitely striking as music to our ears. But again, when is the question? How much longer do users have to wait to have the tangible product in front of them?

But Meta itself is clueless in this regard. They don’t know exactly when they’ll be able to offer the final platform to users. So the waiting game stands exactly where it did as before.

The challenge is totally on Meta to maintain the same level of enthusiasm as before while telling its story for the future.

In the video, users get a glimpse of the famous Cambrai headset that’s based on virtual reality. It’s designed to include all sorts of advanced features to help ensure VR-themed interactivity.

Cambria will be on offer at about $800 but there are rumors of it increasing to $1000 too, thanks to a shortage of suppliers. And as you can see, that price range is beyond so many people’s average range of spending.

What does this mean? Well, we won’t be seeing many people accepting the metaverse with open arms as immediately as we may have hoped. It’s going to take some time for people to get accustomed to and building trust is step one

We certainly do hope the final product is much better than what meets the eye right now. Both shareholders and consumers are waiting for more developments.

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