Mark Zuckerberg’s New Selfie Has People Cringing But The CEO Promises The Metaverse Will Be Better

To help kickstart the expansion of Meta’s Horizon Worlds in a few other countries like Spain and France, we saw the company’s CEO put forward a new selfie.

The graphic is definitely not what many, including the CEO himself, had expected. And as you can imagine, the very kiddish-looking graphic had the world’s viewers cringing at first glance.

The graphic featured Mark Zuckerberg looking like a boy and posing against the Eiffel Tower. But even the background couldn’t save him from looking horrendous we feel.

It managed to get plenty of reactions from viewers with so many people poking fun as to what was going on. Others couldn’t help but let out a sigh and the memes arrived in full swing too. But we certainly can’t blame it because yes, it’s that bad.

Zuckerberg feels that Meta’s fans may have been offended by the picture and that’s why he’s providing great reassurance that it’s only a picture. He adds that the Metaverse would be nothing like this, at least he hopes.

The CEO released another image through his account on Facebook and Instagram. Here is where he shed light on a few updates regarding the Horizon World and what other avatar graphics users could expect. He even claims to share more information through Connect soon.

This is a clear hint for the upcoming conference scheduled for developers. But then a humorous statement was closely followed about the selfie, where he added that it was taken in a rush and the decision was instantly regretted the morning after.

But that’s not the only avatar that was on display. There was one that featured an ancient appearing cafe that we feel wasn’t as cringy. Zuckerberg added that these are just a few examples of what to expect in terms of avatars. But there was also a special mention of how there’s plenty more in store on headsets.

Yes, headsets will be offering much more and with Horizon advancing quickly on this front, the anticipation is building.

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