Meta May Not Admit It But It’s Secretly Abandoning Its Fact-Checking Tool CrowdTangle, Claim Experts

Meta and CrowdTangle have a very unique relationship. The duo has been making speculations for quite some time now regarding concerns about how they’re no longer working together.

And while Meta may not admit it, well, it could soon become a reality.

What may have begun as a rumor is certainly taking center stage. There was plenty of talk about how Meta’s members were slowly but surely removing and relocating members working on Facebook’s CrowdTangle.

For those who may not be aware, CrowdTangle is considered to be an integral tool that many utilize to analyze trends, track sources for information, and also understand how viral certain things are on the Facebook app.

Now, there are lots of reports where journalists, tech experts, and fact-checkers have all agreed on one simple thing. Meta is retiring the tool that was once loved and relied upon so much.

But the tech giant isn’t ready to unveil the details just yet. They’d like to continue keeping so many people in the dark on the news, especially the press.

Then there is some news on how Meta may actually be racing against time to have the tool killed, moments before we see the EU Disinformation code come into play by next year. And if that’s the case, Meta will face plenty of challenges in terms of getting away with such a decision.

When asked in public about CrowdTangle, Meta is noted as side-stepping away from any questions related to the matter. Yet, the company’s spokesperson says the firm still takes pride in all of its tools and the way they impact the platform.

After that, stress was laid upon how Meta has great commitments related to shared of data and transparency. The company faces constant threats on a usual basis. And that’s why now it has allotted a team to handle such ordeals and how they’re dedicated to focusing on important social issues, Meta’s policies, and different methodologies used to enforce rules on the app.

At the same time, we saw Meta claim that the user experience on the app hasn’t changed one bit, even though some experts did complain about its sluggish performance.

For now, we don’t know if and when the decision will be made public and if it intends on informing third parties about the repercussions that such a decision could have. Also, there is no information about if there are any replacement tools lined up and if they will end up producing results similar to CrowdTangle.

Would any new tools be given access and priority like CrowdTangle was provided? Another leading question is related to why Meta would even think about removing such an integral tool from its interface. Clearly, minds are buzzing and the queries continue to arise as we speak.

One journalist from Argentina expressed his dismay at the news. He says that the digital world continues to battle disinformation and misinformation spread. And that’s why fact-checkers are all the more important.

Removing CrowdTangle also means making it so much harder for people like researchers to gain access to authentic information and that’s another huge concern some are having with this news.

We don’t know why Meta is keen on removing the tool. Some say it’s related to finances while others believe it has to do with clearing its reputation but whatever the case may be, it’s always seen as an asset for the company.

Over time, we’ve seen many great collaborations with the firm but the partnership between Facebook’s parent firm and CrowdTangle is one that many have adored in the tech world and fact-checking world.

H/T: Poynter

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