Meta Is Keen On Helping Users Retrieve Their Lost Accounts Through A Customer Service Division

Meta is working hard in terms of gaining back the trust of its users. After all, its earnings report proved how the number of monthly active users was declining.

The company wants to let everyone know that if they’ve lost their account and face difficulties with the issue, they can worry no more. And that’s because the tech giant is on its way to creating a separate customer service division to assist users in retrieving lost accounts.

It’s no surprise that the decision to implement this change has come at a time when many were complaining of Meta’s poor customer service. People really had trouble getting feedback or even a simple response to a query.

Those that did get a response claimed it came at a very delayed point in time. Clearly, there was a lacking here and there was a dire need to get a customer support division up and running. Now, it appears the prayers are answered and it’s actually happening.

Anyone that has their posts or accounts removed for unexpected reasons can now communicate with the new division.

Still, the plans are big but they’re only in the trial phase. Hence, we are not quite sure if and when the services are going to be available and to whom.

As mentioned by Bloomberg, this seems to be a decision that was enforced by suggestions made by the Oversight Board. This handles requests made by users that appeal to the firm’s content decisions.

On several different occasions, we’ve seen the board mention how Meta needs to be more transparent with communication with users regarding decisions.

Just the thought of customer representatives from Meta being available to speak and hear what complaints users are having is a breath of fresh air. Others call it a step away from a major headache.

At the moment, users who don’t have access to accounts or have lost thanks to hackers or wrong suspensions have little to no options to make appeals. They struggle on a daily basis and Meta has really been gaining negative reviews for this.

While the firm does have its own protocols to launch an appeal, it’s really time-consuming and not exactly where users wish it would be.

There are also some automated tools up for grabs but they’re not very user-friendly at all.

With the right customer service team, we feel apps like Facebook and Instagram can really benefit as users on these apps tend to face more challenges with such problems than others.

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