Mark Zuckerberg Makes Controversial Appearance On Joe Rogan’s Latest Podcast As He Discusses Life As Meta’s CEO And More

It’s the podcast that everyone has been waiting for. Seeing Mark Zuckerberg real and uncensored is rare but when you’ve got Joe Rogan as a host, you can expect the unexpected.

The Meta CEO opened up about several controversial subjects that have been on users’ minds for a while. And for starters, it had to do with what life is like as the CEO of a huge digital empire.

Meta is home to the world’s most popular social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. And it’s also the owner of the metaverse. So as you can see, there’s a lot resting on one man’s shoulders and that’s probably why Zuckerberg may have forgotten to smile as he’s got no time.

Interestingly, Zuckerberg’s appearance was a surprise on the podcast and it’s safe to say that it added a whole new twist that viewers would certainly love. The interview comprised a staggering three hours and it touched on subjects ranging from Hunter Biden’s laptop, the CEO’s hobbies, and of course, what the Metaverse has in store for us all.

The CEO says that he’s got no time for social media apps himself and that makes sense, despite being the owner of all leading platforms. But we have to say, one of the biggest highlights was related to a question that Zuckerberg answered.

Today’s trending topic is bots and when questioned about them, Mark says that there was no perfect AI system out there today. Calling them all trade-offs, many were surprised by the comment.

But yet, we are speaking about one of the most controversial podcasts in the country. Remember, Joe Rogan is famous for a reason and Spotify isn’t crazy to be churning out millions for a deal to have him on.

Next in line came the very hyped-up Hunter Biden laptop situation. American and Rogan really wanted to know what Zuckerberg’s thoughts on the controversial ordeal were. And as expected, the Meta CEO took a huge swipe at fellow archrival Twitter.

He found it to be poor decision-making and just wrong to censor a story related to President Biden’s son. Rogan began by questioning Zuckerberg about the infamous story that went viral, moments before the 2020 US elections.

The timing was great but Twitter banned sharing of the story by the New York Post that detailed what the contents inside the laptop really contained. He thought that was wrong and unfair, as transparency is the call of the day in the digital world.

Zuckerberg was very blunt when he said that all Twitter did was slap users in the face with a statement that claimed, ‘this can’t be shared at all.’ And as expected, it was time for a little Facebook praise with claims that Facebook clearly didn’t do what Twitter did.

Next in line, Rogan questioned Mark Zuckerberg about the real potential of the metaverse and how it can really impact the future. Touching on several advancements in the world of technology, Zuckerberg explained that the Metaverse was the future.

He also strongly believed that it would change the lives of so many people forever too.

Zuckerberg put up a hypothetical example of how great it would be to attain economic advantages related to jobs without having the need to move to a different city. Instead, you could just use the world of teleport, AR, and VR to appear as holograms and get the job done from any place in the world.

Comparing his Instagram app to Twitter, Mark was all praise for the former. Clearly, no surprises there but he did add that no one would sit on Twitter for too long because you’d end up leaving disappointed in no time.

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